West Orange County Municipal Court
8141 13th Street
Westminster, CA 92683

Small Claims Case No. 321964

Date Filed: February 11, 1998

Debra R. Miller

Animal Critical Care Center, Inc.
DBA: All-Care Animal Referral Center
NCSR Inc.  

Plaintiff's Claim: Defendant quoted $1,500 for surgery on pet, pet deceased. Mix-up in picking up pet remains. Defendant refuses to answer any attempts to contact them.

All-Care paid off out of court.

I was never given a death certificate for my dog. I received it via the fax from the collection agency along with a revised bill showing the dates of transfusions and services including giving my dog PVC and protein on 11-10-97. Two months after he died, and a blood transfusion the day I took him in and admitted him before he ever had surgery.

I was also notified by certified mail a month and a half (Oct. 28) after my dog died that if I didn't pick-up his remains, he would be cremated. My dog's remains were picked up on 9-11-97, the day he died. At least this is what I prefer to think since we did not open the burial box.

Please see attached documents to support all this.

To the best of my knowledge and research there have been a minimum of 5 violations here, probably a lot more; negligence, incompetence, fraud or deception, record keeping and failure to keep premises clean.

Debra R. Miller