Superior Court
330 W. Broadway
San Diego, CA

Case No. 792369

Filed: June 29,1998

Margaret Anne Payne

Robert L. Rooks, DVM
All-Care Animal Referral Center

Summary of Case: Plaintiff, Margaret Anne Payne alleges that defendant, Robert L. Rooks, individually and dba All-Care Animal Referral Center; All Care Animal Referral Center was the legal cause of damages to plaintiff. By the following acts or omissions to act, defendant negligently caused the damage to plaintiff on March 5, 1997 allowing an infection secondary to the orthopedic surgery done by defendants to develop and allowing "Cuchulain" to become infested with ticks while in their custody; either or both of those conditions resulted in "Cuchulain's" death on March 5, 1997.

Said negligence resulted in damage and injury to the plaintiff for the loss of "Cuchulain" causing emotional distress to the plaintiff and further damage.

Rooks paid off out of court.