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Suit says vets did not keep pace

Animals: Bakersfield
couple came all the way
to O.C. for pacemaker

By Joe Segura
Staff writer  

   Another court ruling has gone against a Fountain Valley veterinarian clinic.

   Over the past few years, a string of pet owners have contested their bills for medical treatment given at All Care Animal Referral Center, 18440 Amistad St. Barbara and Barry Hayslett asserted that their pet dog, Alex, did not receive medical attention in a timely manner, alleging that there were repeated delays in providing a pacemaker. That, they alleged, led to the canine's death. 
   The Bakersfield couple filed a complaint in Small Claim's Court seeking 3,607, asserting gross negligence in treatment and care caused the death. 

   Dr. Robert Rooks declined comment Monday, according to a staffer. However, court records show that the business manager Tim McElroy countered that proper services were provided. The judge ruled in favor of the Haysletts, awarding them $3,507, court records show.

   There have been a number of other cases involving charges that animals died due to inadequate treatment. Among the other cases:

   Marc Bluestone of Sherman Oaks, in a recent filing, asserted that the veterinarian clinic incorrectly diagnosed the ailment of his female pet dog, Shane, alleging that gross negligence in treatment caused extreme injuries and eventually death. The staffers, he asserted, "failed to advise and warn" him of the possible consequences and dangers involved in applying the treatments.

   Bluestone, who originally filed for damages in Small Claims Court, has filed in Orange County Superior Court on Jan. 11.

   Marilyn Ballard of Laguna Beach also complained of unauthorized surgery on her cat 'Squad Car' on Dec. 23, 1996. Court records show that All Care sued her in Small Claims Court for $979 in unpaid services provided. The court sided with her on March 12, 1998.